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جلالپور جٹاں میں فن پہلوانی کی تاریخ بہت پرانی ہے۔ اس دھرتی نے ایسے ایسے نابغہ روزگار پہلوان پیدا کئے جنہوں نے پہلوانی کو عروج بخشا اور اپنے شہر کا نام پوری دنیا میں روشن کیا ۔
واپس ہوم پیج وائس آف جلالپور جٹاں
مزید پہلوان  
جلالپور جٹاں کے روشن ستاروں
کے تذکرے

Brief Introduction:

The real name of this great wrestler from Amritsar is Vijay Kumar, popularly known as Kala Pehalwan. He was born on 13th October, 1952. His father’s name was Gayan Chand. He had strong body and  was very fond of wrestling from his early age. However, he started wrestling from the age of 13/15 years. He started wrestling under the supervision of MEHARDEEN PEHALWAN who was prominent wrestler and stayed with him for about five years. During this period, he became more tactful, powerful and won numerous wrestlings. His ideal in wrestling was MEHNI RENIWALA, a great wrestler of his time.


He won an exclusive fight in Mumbai at the age of 20 and got title of “Sher-e-Punjab”.  He was also awarded “Punjab Kesri” at Anandpur Sahib when he was of only 24 years age.

Prominent fights:

           He defeated twice KARTAR SINGH Pehalwan (the then Director Sports, Punjab) and also defeated SULWINDER SHINDA (sixtimes RUSTME-PUNJAB) , NETARPAL (common wealth silver-medalist), SUBASH (Punjab tiger), SANTOKH SINGH BAHADURGARHIA (Bharat Kesri),FATEH SINGH(BHARAT KESRI). He also fought with numerous prominent title-holder pehalwans (wrestlers) of that time.



 Posted on 02nd December, 2010

اگر آپ کے پاس کسی پہلوان کی نادر تصویر، مضمون یا تحریر ہو تو ہم سے رابطہ ضرور کیجئے گا

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